Traceability and strategy to ensure quality throughout the world: the speech by Reen Nordin at the China Forum

As part of the China Forum organized in MacFrut, the companies involved in the project The European Art of Taste had the opportunity to present themselves to the Asian market with a webinar that saw the participation of 111 Chinese companies and professionals and buyers in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Reen Nordin, Sales Manager, presented Origine Group, one of the most important companies in the handling and cultivation of fruit and vegetables, which collaborates with European groups and allows exports to every part of the world, counting on cultivation in Chile and the Mediterranean area which allows the availability of products all year round. The core business of Origine Group is kiwifruit, with a production area of more than 6,000 ha which reaches an annual production of 130,000 tons. Alongside green and yellow kiwifruit, Origine Group also produces over 70,000 tons of pears per year, exporting these products to India, USA, Canada and South Korea. Asia has always been at the center of Origine Group’s operations, as demonstrated by the launch of Sweeki, the green and yellow kiwifruit line designed entirely for the Asian market, characterized by a high sugar content, bright and tender pulp and a taste of high quality.

«We care a lot about the Asian market and especially the Chinese one», said Reen Nordin, «for this reason we decided to produce Sweeki by selecting the best green and yellow kiwis at our disposal. To guarantee consumers a product that is always fresh and of high quality, with ideal organoleptic characteristics, we take care of all the steps using a chain that goes from collection, storage and distribution with a total traceability and punctuality, as well as a modular packaging service».

To make its products be tasted, since its foundation, Origine Group invests in direct contact with consumers, buyers and professionals, organizing promotional events, tasting, instore and in the field.

The European Art of Taste project will continue to promote the masterpieces of nature and art throughout 2021, involving consumers, journalists and professionals in incoming, in-store events and fairs, in partnership with European Union and the companies Apofruit, Origine Group, Jingold, King Fruit and RK Growers.

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