Fruit and vegetable research and renewal as a business model, Iulia Iordache at MacFrut China Forum

As part of the China Forum organized in MacFrut, the companies involved in the project The European Art of Taste had the opportunity to present themselves to the Asian market with a webinar that saw the participation of 111 Chinese companies and professionals and buyers in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Iulia Iordache, Export Manager, presented King Fruit, the company part of the Ceradini Group for the sale of fruit and customer relations throughout the world. In fact, King Fruit’s core business is the production of high quality kiwifruit and strawberries which, thanks to research and development of production, storage and distribution technologies, has made them among the most important companies in foreign marketing.

«KingFruit’s philosophy», Iulia Iordache declared, «has always been to innovate and select the best quality fruit. This is why we dedicate ourselves to varietal research, focusing on maintaining the quality of the product even over a long distance, studying new packaging solutions that can combine the preservation of quality with the sustainability of the product “.

The Ceradini group, founded in the early 1960s, has over 80 ha in the Veneto countryside and was among the first to introduce the cultivation of Actinidia, producing 15,000 tons of kiwifruit per year which are exported to over 30 countries and 6 continents. Thanks to the skills and studies on packaging, storage and distribution, King Fruit provides delivery solutions for every type of reality, from hypermarkets to small shops up to consumers all over the world, guaranteeing the highest standards of products from the best areas. cultivation, as demonstrated by the quality and safety certifications (Global Gap, Global Gap Grasp, IFS Food CCPB for the Organic products) obtained over the years.

«We want to continue to establish ever deeper ties», concludes Iordache, «Based on mutual trust, the development of technologies and the improvement of the quality of production in terms of sustainability, taste and safety».

The European Art of Taste project will continue to promote the masterpieces of nature and art throughout 2021, involving consumers, journalists and professionals in incoming, in-store events and fairs, in partnership with European Union and the companies Apofruit, Origine Group, Jingold, King Fruit and RK Growers.

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