The importance of the supply chain, from harvesting to sale, Renzo Balestri at MacFrut China Forum

As part of the China Forum organized in MacFrut, the companies involved in the project The European Art of Taste had the opportunity to present themselves to the Asian market with a webinar that saw the participation of 111 Chinese companies and professionals and buyers in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Renzo Balestri, Sales Manager for the Overseas Market, has introduced Apofruit group, one of the largest and most historic cooperatives in fruit & veg. sector, which represents 3200 producers, counting on a production of 169,000 tons and over 237 million in turnover per year.

«The excellence of our products», said Renzo Balestri, «comes from the direct relationship with producers and farmers, with whom we build a common path that goes from harvest to sale. Once the products are ready, they are immediately processed in one of our 12 production plants and then immediately distributed or stored under ideal conditions in our storage centers. This allows us to follow every process, guaranteeing the consumer the excellence of our territories and the safety of products and their genuine taste».

Apofruit has over 9,000 hectares of fruit, both organic and conventional, including citrus fruits (1,015 ha), apricots (1,248 ha), green kiwifruit (1,628 ha) and peaches (1,799 ha). The production of vegetables extends for over 1,664 ha with an important area dedicated to potatoes (396 ha), onion (301 ha) and asparagus (276 ha). The high quality of the productions allowed Apofruit to export all over the world, establishing partnerships with Zespri for yellow kiwifruit, Sun World for seedless grapes, Star Fruit and New Plant.

«Our presence in Asia has more than 15 years of history», Balestri concluded, «This has permitted to create excellent relationships and a strong bond, especially for products with a longer shelf life such as apples, pears and grapes. We therefore hope that these relationships of mutual interest can continue and, over time, become more and more profitable for both countries».

The European Art of Taste project will continue to promote the masterpieces of nature and art throughout 2021, involving consumers, journalists and professionals in incoming, in-store events and fairs, in partnership with European Union and the companies Apofruit, Origine Group, Jingold, King Fruit and RK Growers.

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