The Italian kiwi is among the protagonist products of The European Art of Taste, the project financed by CSO Italy and the European Union, a fruit rich in taste and health, increasingly appreciated and requested in the world.
Thanks to its rich and sugary pulp, its intense colors, kiwi has become one of the most consumed and appreciated fruits by consumers. Italy is the leading European producer and among the first in the world, counting on 25,000 hectares planted with kiwifruit, of which 5,400 under the organic regime (Source: Sinab) for a production close to 400 thousand tons (CSO Italy).
2020 has been the year of the yellow kiwi which saw a production increase by + 35%, to reach a number close to 80 thousand tons (IKO). The largest quantities of kiwifruit are produced in Lazio (on average 33% of the total), followed by Piedmont with 17%, Emilia Romagna 15%, Calabria 11%, Veneto 10% (CSO Italy).
As for exports, thanks also to projects such as The European Taste, the Italian kiwi was among the drivers of fruit and vegetables in Asia which, in the first six months of 2020, despite the pandemic, registered a + 75% compared to 2019 (CSO Italy).
The reasons for this success are determined by the incredible goodness of green and yellow kiwifruit, and its amount of benefits for the body. Kiwi is an extremely versatile fruit, ideal for different types of diet. Thanks to its large amount of water, antioxidants and potassium it is perfect for athletes, while the excellent amount of fiber helps to keep the body clean, then helping it with vitamins, mineral salts and nutrients that help the health of eyes, bones and fabrics.
The European Art of Taste project, financed for 3.7 million euros by CSO Italy and the European Union, represents the main Italian producers of kiwifruit such as Jingold, KingFruit, Joinfruit which, together with the other leading companies (Oranfrizer, Mazzoni Group, Conserve Italy, Rk Growers) are known all over the world for their quality and their fruit and vegetables.

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