The European Art of Taste – Italian Fruit & Veg Masterpieces, despite the delay brought by the Covid-19 emergency, is preparing his new activities of promotion for the upcoming season of fresh kiwifruit, oranges and processed fruit and vegetables.
The project, financed by the EU and CSO Italy for the period 2019-2021, represents some of the most important Italian companies in fruit and vegetable sector as Conserve Italia, Origine Group, Jingold, Joinfruit, King Fruit, Mazzoni, RK Growers and Oranfrizer which are directly involved in the project promotional activities in China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Those companies are the flagship of Italian fruit and vegetables sector exportations in Europe which, in the first six months of 2020, recorded a growth of +6,9% compared to 2019, with almost +92 million of euros, despite the volumes have shown a decrease of -4,9% (Source: Fruitimprese on ISTAT numbers).
The exportation trend is strictly linked to the dramatic situation caused by the pandemic who has involved in the first place China and Italy. The positive results of international exchanges and the growth of the Made in Italy products request have been made possible by the high standard and the safeness of Italian and European productive process.
The Italian fruit and vegetables production, following the latest information published by the Department of Health, is a guarantee of safety and the naturalness with really low level of pesticides residues.
In a test conducted by the Italian National Health System, on 7159 fruit and vegetables representative samples, only the 1,1% has shown residuals of active principles of synthesis. Those numbers are three times lower below the average as confirmed by the results of the annual relation published by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) who has analysed more than 97.000 samples from every European country.
Those results enforce the valour and the importance of the Made in Italy productive system which put together the phytosanitary safeness to a unique flavour. The Italian fruit and vegetables are appreciated all over the world, thanks to farms which follows, almost in the totality, the integrated production and the most severe norms in terms of hygiene and health which are really important in the world after the Covid-19.For this reason all the promoted by The European Art of Taste has the HACCP and Global G.A.P certification which improve and permit to manage every productive process, granting the hygiene, the safeness and the environment protection.
Thanks to The European Art of Taste project ( the Italian fruit and vegetables has started to be available in the Asian markets, and with numerous promotion activities has given to everyone the chance to taste and discover the natural excellences of Made in Italy.

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