The Italian School of Pizza, dedicated to Asian influencers and restaurateurs, has started in Thailand and will continue in China and Asian South East

The Italian School of Pizza has born to teach the secrets of original Italian Pizza, starting from the choice of the best ingredients as the Italian tomato sauce to the technics of preparation and cooking.
Promoting the Italian kitchen in the world, starting from the Asian continent, is the objective of Cirio and Conserve Italia, specialists of the Italian tomato, in order to publicize the Mediterranean Diet and the Italian excellent products. The project is dedicated to influencers, restaurateurs, journalists and opinion leaders of Asia. The first appointment has taken place few weeks ago in Bangkok, with the launch of “True Italian Taste, Authentic Italian Table: All you need is cooking PIZZA”, organised in collaboration of the Thai Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (which includes Cirio in its prestigious register of suppliers) and the Italian Foreign Ministry.
The event has seen the participation of 40 selected guests who had had the opportunity to learn the secrets of Italian Pizza thanks to Chef Paolo Vitaletti, from the dough preparation to the ingredients choice with Cirio’s Tomato Sauce, 100% Italian origin, in focus.
«This kind of initiative has been created to promote Italian products in Asia, for this reason we are very happy to support the project» has been said by Diego Pariotti, Foreign Marketing Director for Conserve Italia, «The Asian market is showing an important growth for Cirio’s tomato. We are developing our presence in the Asian South East and China thanks to the participation in The European Art of Taste: Italian Fruit & Veg Masterpieces, which helps in the promotion and the culture of Italian fruit and veg excellence in Asia».
Cirio and Conserve Italia, together with Origine Group, Jingold, Joinfruit, King Fruit, Mazzoni, RK Growers and Oranfrizer, are the companies part of The European Art of Taste: Italian Fruit & Veg Masterpieces, the project, financed by the EU and CSO Italy for the period 2019-202, for the promotion of Italian fruit & Veg in China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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