The harvest campaign of kiwifruit has started in the Northern Hemisphere: the focus on 2020/21 production.

The Italian Kiwifruit is one of the focus product of CSO Italy project The European Art of Taste – Italian Fruit and Veg Masterpieces, actually at its second year of activity and address to the promotion of the quality of European fruit and vegetables production in China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
The focus on 2020/21 production is on Jingold which, together with Conserve Italia, Origine Group, Joinfruit, King Fruit, Mazzoni, RK Growers and Oranfrizer, is one of the partners of the project. For this harvest, actually in phase of harvesting, Jingold will present three different kiwifruit typologies with an estimated record of 18.000 tons of production. According to Jingold specialists, employed on the field, the fruits have shown a high quality in taste and the right dimensions.
In these days the kiwifruit harvest is focused on the kiwifruit with yellow pulp and, finally, with the green pulp ones. Especially the green pulp Kiwifruit, this year, will represent an innovation for Jingold, presenting two new varieties: Jingold Bliss (Boerica variety, green and elongated, with high natural sugar content) and Jingold Plus, with a double Vitamin C quantity in relation to the normal kiwifruit.
The Jingold kiwifruit offer is perfectly aligned to consumers requests, granting an excellent production standard and a constant presence in the market all year long. Following the evolution of the habits which have shown a gradual passage of preference from green pulp kiwifruit to the yellow variety in Asia, Jingold has diversified its production. Nowadays Jingold produces more than 20.000 tons of yellow Kiwifruit in different countries placed in the two hemispheres, in order to guarantee a regular supplying for the entire year.
From this harvest campaign, also, Jingold will expand its organic production, focusing on sustainability and high quality.
Thanks to The European Art of Taste project ( the Italian fruit and vegetables has started to be available in the Asian markets, and with numerous promotion activities has given to everyone the chance to taste and discover the natural excellences of Made in Italy.

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