From Europe to Japan, the interest in the Italian, authentic and 100% natural flavors is growing.
Citrus fruits and juices promotion abroad is one of Oranfrizer aims , the company with firmly roots in Italy and oriented to the export.

This objective is being reached with a presentation organized in Tokyo with the aim of enlarge the knowledge and distribution of the most precious tastes that only Italy can boast in Japan. The protagonist of the event is the new line of Mongibello juices made by Oranfrizer Juice, created for the Japanese retail trade; this one consists of red orange juice and mandarin juice, not from concentrate, both obtained exclusively from the squeezeing of Italian citrus fruits, more exactly from Sicily. Hence their name Mongibello, inspired by Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe that rises in Sicily *, a perfect territory for the citrus production. This line of juices, already distributed by Oranfrizer in the US, will now enter the Japanese market

The Mongibello presentation was held in the Abc Marunouchi Grand of Tokyo and enhanced the most important fruit and vegetable excellences of Italy, together with the project “The European Art of Taste” managed by Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli (CSO). The special tasting was curated by chef Francesco Bellissimo, a food entertainer putting on the table the Italian flavors, a very popular gourmet in Japan both on social networks and through traditional media, his fame grows with his passion for the Italian ingredients that proposes and makes to taste in the oriental daily lunches. Nowadays Bellissimo in Tokyo has built a bridge between the food cultures of “Bella Italia” and Japan appreciated by bloggers, influencers and market operators’ refined palates . The Japanese market is not a new market for Oranfrizer, which since the ‘90s has started exporting fruits cultivated mainly in Catania and Syracuse citrus orchards from Italy to the Tokyo skyscrapers.
Oranjuice was the first item arriving in Japan, the Sicilian red orange juice made by Oranfrizer that is currently widespread from Japanese horeca importers; then it was the turn of Lemon Juice, obtained from the squeezing of the highest quality citrus fruits. During this year in Japan the consumers have already been drunk about 700 thousand litres of Oranfrizer juice made in Sicily, exceeded in some years over a million litres.

After about 23 years of export the company aims to grow, developing new spaces in the Japanese market and offering new high quality products.

The next destinations of this mission promoting the fruits of Italy beyond the borders of Europe will be Portland and Shanghai.

For further information and information www.europeanartoftaste.com; www.europeanartoftaste.ch

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