Italian kiwis celebrate Chinese New Year

Since 25th January, millions of people celebrate Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, all over Asia. In this merry festivity, that marks the end of the coldest days, people enjoy fireworks, hang red lanterns, wear special clothes and eat lots of food. So fruits cannot be missing in the menu of these days.
Among the fruits, kiwis maintain a prominent role thanks to their healthy features. In fact, kiwis are extremely rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, having at the same time only 3.8 calories per nutrient.
The international commerce of kiwis in the North hemisphere is led by Italy, whose produce is well-known for its quality and safety, and is promoted by CSO Italy, that represents the most important producing companies in Italy, thanks to the Project “The European Art of Taste”, co-funded by the European Union (for further information and details:;
The Italian kiwis are being enjoyed in many countries since last November, when the first containers reached the ports in China.
Sweeki, the top-quality kiwis of Origine Group, that participate in the project “The European Art of Taste”, is for the fourth year on the Asian markets, with a continuous growth and appreciation by the clients.
The sales of Origine Group grow every year, and in the first period of this season sales are up 40%.
Sweeki kiwis, with their total traceability and excellent quality, is the premium product of Origine Group, the Italian consortium specialized in the export of fresh fruits, whose nine associated companies grow and process around 25% of the total Italian production of kiwi.

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