A successful year for the European Art of Taste project by CSO Italy: Oranfrizer wins the CHINA AWARD CAPITAL ELITE 2019 for the first export of Italian red oranges to China.

The European Art of Taste Project:

Italian Fruit&Veg Masterpieces financed by the European Union and CSO Italy with the partners Oranfrizer, Origine Group, Mazzoni Group, Jingold, RK Growers, King Fruit, Joinfruit and Conserve Italia has successfully reached the end of a year of activity in Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan in particular.

Many projects were created to promote European fruit and vegetables in the target countries, which were mostly aimed at presenting the characteristics of Made in Italy products and production methods that respect the environment and human health, which are a feature of the European Union quality regulations.

During the first year, the Project has established numerous contacts with the media and buyers of the target countries, registering significant results in terms of awareness especially through contact with the media with an estimation of over 3 million useful contacts achieved.

Rounding off the first year successfully, satisfaction was gained for the Italian fruit and vegetable sector through the awarding of the China Award Capital Elite won by Oranfrizer, the company that took part in the Project which opened the market in China to Italian red oranges.

The prestigious award was handed over by Fondazione Italia Cina and by Milano Finanza and was given to the CEO of Oranfrizer Nello Alba at the “Leonardo da Vinci” National Science and Technology Museum in Milan.

Oranfrizer is a leading company in Italy for the distribution of citrus fruit and freshly squeezed juice; it is located in Scordia in the Planes of Catania, which are overshadowed by the Etna Volcano. Its core business has always been the red orange.

In 2019, for the first time it exported Italian red oranges to China by ship; the oranges were sold out in a few days. The test, which ended successfully, and the prize gained have encouraged the company to continue exporting in 2020.

New promotional and communication activities are planned for the European Art of Taste Project that will contribute to the promotion of Italian red oranges in China throughout 2020 as well.

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