The collection of blood oranges grown in Sicily will begin in December. Pending the new citrus season, world events and opportunities to meet with international buyers begin, especially with those who operate in Chinese markets and who will be able to contribute to the expansion of exports to Asia. The first appointment is the FHC China, is the event to be held from 12 to 14 November in Shanghai will attract the attention of over 120 thousand operators in search of novelties, it is a very important crossroads for specialists in the Food and Beverage sector from all over the world. Here will be presented to the Chinese the collection of blood oranges produced in Italy by Oranfrizer, the pioneer of this market which in 2019 with a test successfully completed exported by ship to the Land of the Rising Sun 3 containers of citrus fruits, the 60 tons of Italian blood oranges are sold out in a few days. This year, the offer for the Chinese market will be diversified and exports will be active from the beginning of the citrus season. Tarocco Ippolito, Tarocco Sciara, Tarocco Meli and Tarocco Sant’Alfio are the masterpieces of Italian citrus growing that will be discussed in Asia, the operators of the sector during the FHC will better know the different blood oranges that, one after the other from December in May, they ripen in the Etna plain, and each one will discover its peculiarities. The fruits of the art practiced in Sicily by Oranfrizer for over 50 years represent a natural heritage of a unique land, Sicily, and thanks to the innovation and commercial evolution in progress they will be increasingly oriented to reach new markets beyond the borders of ‘Europe.
The FHC China is one of the new steps forward in Asia for Oranfrizer who will be here the Italian company representing the international project of the Fruit and Vegetable Service Center “The European Art of Taste”, created to enhance and enhance knowledge in Asia and the performance of the unique, endemic and excellent fruits that only Italy can boast.
Oranfrizer is investing in the future of citrus groves in Sicily, it has certified about 25 hectares more than last season, with the aim of increasing exports to China. The collection and distribution of the next season will extend from December to May, a wide period of time appreciated by importers; both in 2018 and 2019, the later blood oranges were on Italian and foreign markets even during the first week of June.
“Our first market to be satisfied will always be the Italian one, it is the most important one we serve, we are simultaneously oriented towards high quality exports – says Nello Alba, CEO of Oranfrizer – in the first half of 2019 we opened one of the most important markets and difficult to reach, the Chinese one. During the test, the 60 tons of blood oranges that we carefully selected and shipped from Italy were distributed to Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou. Given the good results, here in Sicily, we have invested in the field to increase the offer. We have adapted and expanded production in order to cover the demand for all new markets. In 2020, around 500 tons more blood oranges will be available than last year. ”

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