A new shipment of Italian blood oranges has arrived by ship in Shanghai. Protagonists of the Italian Republic Day on June 5 in the Beijing Embassy.

The export of blood oranges from Italy to China, thanks to the project financed by the European Union and Cso Italy The European Art of Taste, continues for Oranfrizer. After opening this market in March with the first export test that involved the sale of two containers, about 40 tons of blood oranges, the Italian company Oranfrizer on May 28 delivered a third container to Shanghai to the importer Mao Hong Ming which in these days is distributing about 20 tons of Made in Italy Tarot on the Chinese markets. Also this time the blood oranges exported by Oranfrizer have landed from Sicily to China by ship. They will be sold in the Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou areas and will also be used for online sales. Blood oranges will also be available for purchase on and were the protagonists of the Italian Republic Day scheduled for June 5 in the Beijing Embassy.
“We ended the blood orange season with this second exceptional export to China – says CEO Oranfrizer Nello Alba – the results of the first test rewarded us. We planned the trend of the season with the aim of serving all the markets with the same commitment, the blood oranges that we collected in Sicily simultaneously reached the fruit and vegetable departments of Italy, Europe and also China. We will continue to invest in the field to increase the supply of blood oranges. ”
“The demand for Italian blood oranges in China is large and substantial – explains Sara Grasso, Oranfrizer’s export manager – is emerging from all sectors of the sale of fruit and vegetables on the Chinese market. We are satisfied with this first experience and look forward to the second season”.

“Celebrating the feast of our Republic in the Italian Embassy in Beijing with the presence of blood oranges that we exported from Sicily is an honor for us – adds Salvo Laudani, marketing manager of Oranfrizer – We thank Ambassador Ettore Francesco Sequi and the his staff that is enhancing the entry of our fruit into the People’s Republic of China “.

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